Month: July 2021

5 reasons why you should see a therapist

Happy Friday everyone! Today we thought we would explain 5 reasons why you should see a therapist 🧠
1. Friends and Family can’t be your only outlet 👨‍👩‍👧
Friends and family are great sources of support however sometimes they can be a little quick to want to “fix” your problems rather than to listen. Friends and family can also be judgemental, even if it’s not intentional!
2. Self care 💙
Just as you take care of your physical health, it’s equally important to take care of your mental health. Prioritising mental health promoted healthy self-care practices.
3. Realise alternative perspectives 🤯
When you experience difficult situations in your life, it’s often hard to see alternative solutions. Therapy can widen your perspective and provide distance between you and your problem, helping to approach and eventually overcome the stressor impacting your wellbeing.
4. Finding meaning 🗣
It’s natural to want to understand the reason difficult things happen to you. Therapy is a process that can help you discover the lesson or silver lining your problem has presented to you.
5. Discover new coping strategies 😄
Therapy can help you discover new coping strategies to manage current and future problems. Learning and implementing new coping strategies gives you confidence to believe you are in control of managing your problems.
We hope this has been helpful, if you think you would benefit from therapy, please get in touch with our team today by direct message! 💙🧠💙

Epic Assist Partnership

🧠 Some great news! We officially partnered up with an amazing charity named EPIC Assist who have been established for over 30 years! With this partnership we have been working really hard over the last few months trying to set everything up for the launch of some exciting projects.
🧠 Last night, one of the projects we have been working together on took place. This was the first Showmen’s mental health training workshop, specify for the fairground industry. This was Delivered for 7 committee members from 6 different sections of the Showmen’s guild.
🧠 This is just the beginning of the project and we are looking forward to delivering more sessions together in the coming weeks with more people from our community.
🧠Please keep an eye out on the page, as exciting projects will be offered to all in the coming weeks!
🧠We would like to thank Candace Thomas for helping make this possible, and we look forward to lots more to come.

3 peaks, under 24hrs

What a massive effort from the lads! 3 peaks, under 24hrs and they made it with a minute to spare with a little help from an RAF pilot Mike, who ran all the way to the finish line with them! Thank you to everyone for supporting them in this challenge! 👏 👏 👏 👏 #breakthestigma

Future 4 Fairgrounds

One of our ladies of Future4fairgrounds Joannie Peak has raised a grand total of £800 for The Showmen’s Mental Health Awareness Charity by selling Awareness mugs around London and the south.
Thank you to those who have donated and to those who have brought a mug or two.
If anyone would still like to donate to this cause please go to page tagged above.
Envelope being handed to Mason Holmes via his father Paul Holmes.
Thank you very much Joannie! And thank you to everyone who has bought one of our mugs! We hope you all have a good weekend, and look after each other, and we are always here if you’re ever need us ❤️💙