Overview and Objectives:  

Showmen’s Mental Health Charity is a non-profit organisation that aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health within the fairground community. The charity aims to be affective in three specific areas: awareness, education, and community development. Our mission is to normalise the conversation on mental health by creating awareness, supplying educational tools, and build a stronger community. The Funds the charity shall obtain through a variation of different fundraising shall be used to fund the following:

  • Crisis Management Fund

The charity shall offer a crisis management fund for individuals who are suffering with their mental health and need the help of medical professionals. This shall include an initial screening process (survey) that they will be able to access on our website that is currently under development. This shall then be assessed by a team of psychologists and psychiatric nurses who have aligned themselves with the charity and who understand the community. Once this process has happened, the individual who needs help shall be directed to one of the counsellors or therapists that will be suitable to their needs. This process will follow all rules and guidelines of GDPR so the individual’s information shall remain confidential.

The charity shall pay for up to ten sessions for a show- Man, Show- woman or non- binary individual who is active within the fairground community.  This shall include the receiving of treatment to help support their mental health. Furthermore, this help shall be extended to the individuals family members if needed.

2- Education:

The charity aims to educate through means of lectures, programmes, and a specific Showmen’s Mental Health guidebook (online and physical copies).  This shall be developed by academics and health care professionals and remain personable by incorporating testimonials from Showmen. The contents of the developed education guidebooks shall include the breakdown of a wide range of Mental Health Topics these shall include:

Depression, Anxiety- all variants, ADHD, OCD, Post-Natal Depression, Schizophrenia, Anorexia- ( all  variants of eating disorders), Body Dysmorphia, Post- Traumatic disorder, Bipolar, Psychosis, And more..

3- Awareness

The charity shall generate awareness surrounding mental health through various means of spreading awareness in the community. These shall include:  Well- Being Events, Social media campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, monthly newsletters, and merchandising.


4- The charity should also develop members of the trustee’s knowledge and experience by providing courses such as:  Suicide prevention course and Mental health first aid

5- Helpline

5- Depending on funding, the charity aims to open a help line for 24hr support within the community